The Stud & The Bitch Finally On Bluray…..



“I Said Bitch… A Ha….God Help The Guy Who Gets The Bitch….

This is the day I’ve been waiting on for years. Two of my favourite guilty pleasures are finally getting the hi def treatment. The Stud (1978) and The Bitch (1979) are to get a U.K Bluray release on September 7th, and I can’t wait. I’ve loved these two 70s classics since the first time I saw them both about 40 years ago. I bought them both, first on VHS, then DVD, and in a few short weeks i’ll have them on Bluray. I have both soundtrack albums on vinyl, and have the original U.K quad posters hanging on the wall of my back room. As you can maybe tell, i’m a huge fan of these films, and have seen them both many times

I’ll be doing a full review on the movies when i get the freshly released versions through the post in a few weeks.

So why exactly do i have such a love of these two films ???

We have Joan Collins as a bedhopping nightclub owner, Oliver Tobias playing a club greeter, who jumps between the sheets with our Joanie every chance he gets, and the whole thing is set to a pounding disco soundtrack. Whats not to like ???

I don’t know any other actress, other than Joan Collins, who could have pulled off a role like this, without it becoming silly and a bit seedy, but she still has the charisma of an “old school”, Golden Era, Hollywood star, and she plays the role of Fontaine brilliantly, with ease and lends the proceedings a real touch of class.

Anyway i’ll be saying a lot more on these two classic movies when I’ve watched them again on Bluray in a few weeks. Until then.

Please tell me there are more fans of these two amazing 70s classics out there. Feel free to comment folks………..

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