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Jaws Treading The Boards……

The Shark is Broken – a play that goes behind the scenes of the film Jaws and was a hit at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival last year, is currently running in the West End at the Ambassadors Theatre. The play is written Joseph Nixon and Ian Shaw, son of Robert Shaw, who starred in the film. Ian Shaw also appears in the play as his father, alongside Demetri Goritsas as Roy Scheider and Liam Murray Scott as Richard Dreyfuss. The Shark is Broken follows the three actors on the set of the film in 1974, when they are “stuck on a boat, frustrated by foul weather and a faulty mechanical co-star”. I have to say this is a brilliant idea for a play and I truly hope it gets a wider release after it’s West End run…….

West Side Story 2020………

This is one to get very excited about. Steven Spielberg has taken the helm of a remake of the classic Robert Wise musical of 1961, West Side Story. He’s wanted to tackle this movie for some years and hes assembled an incredible cast including Baby Driver’s Ansel Elgort. I believe that original cast member Rita Moreno has also been persuaded to take part in the project. I don’t know about you but i’m really looking forward to seeing what this movie looks like when it’s released in December 2020……….

Scream 5 Coming Soon………….

Neve Campbell has been in talks with the directors of the latest installment of the Scream franchise, to return as Sidney Prescott. Details are a bit sketchy at the moment but the basic plot sounds like this. A woman returnS to her home town to try to find out who has been committing a series of vicious crimes, and that’s pretty much all that’s known at the moment, and i’m guessing that could all change before the film goes into production. It’s also been reported that original Scream cast member Matthew Lillard is definitely up for returning for Scream 5. Sounds interesting so far. Lets see how things progress………..

Indiana Jones 5 Release Date……

Indy 5 has had a bit of a troubled history. Various directors and actors associated with it have dropped out, but we now start to see the project slowly taking shape. Harrison Ford has agreed to play Indy one more time. He’s said he really is the only person who can play Indy and once hes gone then so has Dr Jones. Steven Spielberg was to direct but now he’s departed the project. He will remain as a producer, and it has been reported that Logan director James mangold will sit in the director’s chair. In terms of returning cast, John Rhys-Davies has said of his desire to reprise his much loved role of Sallah, who first appeared in Raiders of the Lost Ark and then again in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. “Of course, I would like to do another one – he’s a great character – but I’d have him do something meaningful,” he said. Doesn’t look like Marion Ravenwood will be returning though. As for the  plot, your guess is as good as mine. The Bermuda Triangle, Atlantis, could be anything. The release date for this much anticipated movie is now July 2022…………

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