Hello To You One And All….


Mornin Folks. I recently installed a visitor counter on the site. I was just curious to see if anyone was visiting. To be honest I was expecting maybe two or three maximum. Imagine my surprise when i saw I’d had 36 after only a couple of days. I think its reading around 80 or 90 now. If its accurate and I have had this many visitors, id just like to say a sincere heartfelt thanks to everyone who has taken the time to drop by. Now I know I have a steady trickle of people coming in for a look around, I’ll make more of an effort to update and post more stuff.

How about a good old shout out to all you lovely folks out there. Wheres everyone from ??? Post in the comments. I’d love to hear from you all. I’ll start us off. I’m from a small town in the U.K. Burton On Trent. Go…..


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I am passionate about movies and cinema generally. I love talking about them and writing about them.

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