A 70s Movie I’ve Never Heard Of ??? Surely Not…….


I’ve seen articles and reviews of the movie i’m briefly going to talk about here just recently, and what I’ve read has intruiged me and piqued my curiosity. It’s a film called Made. Released in 1972, it sounds very much like one of those kitchen sink drama’s of the 60s. I think were talking Cathy Come Home, A Taste Of Honey, you get the idea.

This compelling emotional drama stars Carol White as a young single mother who finds herself caught between two people, a local priest and a folk singer, each of whom wants to convert her to his own worldview. An nod to a younger generation looking for something to believe in, Made co-stars hugely influential folk-rock musician Roy Harper in his screen debut. Produced by Joseph Janni who previously made the astonishingly successful Poor Cow with White, directed by The Long Good Friday’s John Mackenzie and featuring new songs specially composed by Harper, this much sought-after film is now out, in a brand-new restoration from the original film elements, in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio.

I’m an absolute sucker for well made British drama’s and the 1970s produced more than enough of them. This sounds like one of them and i’m really looking forward to seeing how it fares.

I’ve ordered a copy on Bluray, for the princely sum of £6, which should hopefully be with me by the weekend, and I will of course be sharing my thoughts on it with you guys……..

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