1000 Hits !!!!! Thank You So Much……


On August 13th this year I posted a thank you message to the 30 or so people that had visited my site. Ive just checked the visitor counter, and i’m so pleased to be able to tell you, the site recently had it’s 1000th visitor.

This is a real milestone for me. When I started the blog just over 18 months ago I truly didn’t think the site would be this popular. I’d like to say a massive Thank You to each and every one of you who have landed on the site, and I hope you find the content interesting and worth a read. I’m certainly enjoying writing it that’s for sure. I get a real kick out of sharing my opinions on movies, and also my memories of the Burton Odeon and the time I spent in there. The only thing missing, for me, is the interaction with you guys. Please feel free to drop any comments, questions or opinions on anything movie related, and please please drop your comments on any of my reviews or articles. I would truly love to hear from you.

Heres to the next Thank You post which ill publish at the 2000th visitor mark…….

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I am passionate about movies and cinema generally. I love talking about them and writing about them.

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