American Werewolf In London Reboot…….HELL YEAH !!!


YES YES I KNOW !!!. Sacrilege. Some things shouldn’t be tampered with. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it and all that.


I actually had no idea, but apparently it’s widely known that director John Landis’ son and CHRONICLE screenwriter Max Landis, had a remake of his dad’s 1981 horror-comedy classic An American Werewolf In London in the works. But with that remake dead as a doornail right now, it’s on the Hollywood grapevine that The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has been hired to produce a reboot of John Landis’ classic.


Now I’m not really in favour of remakes just for the sake of them, The Fog being a good example, but with the right director, cast and crew then why not. I just think that with the special effects which can be achieved today as opposed to 40 years ago and with the right people at the helm we could be headed for something really special.

I can almost hear the howls of protest as I’m writing this, and I have to say that normally when I hear of a remake or reboot, as they like to call them nowadays, in the pipeline, I’m one of the first to say “no please don’t do it”. One thing that drives me mad is when I hear the producers say they want to introduce an old classic movie to a fresh audience who probably weren’t around when the original was released. Here’s a thought. Re-release the original and introduce them to that.

But every now and then I hear of a possible reboot which grabs my curiosity and makes me think that maybe they could do something amazing with it. Maybe take all the elements of the original which made it such a hit back then and bring them bang up to date. This is one of those for me. Don’t get me wrong. The original was horror/comedy perfection and scared the crap out of me but let’s see what Robert Kirkman does with it. If he can give it the same bite as he brings to The Walking Dead I reckon it could be at least worth a look.

What do you guys think ???? Meet me in The Slaughtered Lamb and we’ll chew it over eh…….




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