Carry On Ranting !!!


Carry On Censoring….or Why the hell are these movies being cut for television ???

The Carry On films. A part of the nations fabric. Seaside postcards bought to life. We all grew up with them, and we loved them for exactly what they were, harmless, saucy fun. Watching them was like putting on a comfy pair of slippers. Comic perfection. They have been screened on television countless times, and never before have they been shown cut or censored…..until now. ITV3 decided to screen two days worth of Carry On films back to back over the course of two days during Christmas, and every single one of them was cut to shreds. I’ve seen every one of them so many times, as we all have, and we know instantly when a scene or line has been cut out.

These classic slices of British entertainment were mostly made during the 1960s and 1970s, and reflected the prevailing attitudes of the times. Basically they were about as politically incorrect as it’s possible to be….. but we loved them for it. They were totally harmless and in my opinion still are. Obviously network television disagrees with that.

Do they really think folks nowadays are so sensitive as the mere mention of a doubles entendre will offend them ??? Surely boob jokes and visual sauciness wouldn’t cause that much of a stir nowadays would they ???

If I’m wrong please tell me. Maybe it’s me, perhaps i’m just a relic of the 70s but I honestly see no harm in what we found funny back then. Yes I know comedy has moved on but surely there’s still room in today’s society for what we laughed at a few decades ago. I hardly think the sight of Sid James leering over Barbra Windsor, and making endless remarks about her knockers is going to destroy the fabric of life as we know it.

Come on ITV. You know it makes sense. Show these classic comedies uncut…..and if you can’t id urge any fans of these British instutions to buy one of the many dvd boxsets. That way you can view them completely intact as they were meant to be seen……

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3 Responses

  1. Guy Jessop-Braithwaite says:

    Tony, unfortunately Carry On’s have been judged as being inappropriate in today’s society. Which, like you I totally disagree with. Yes I will say that people’s attitude to race and sexual/gender politics and choices is a huge improvement to society which I applaud but I’ve always found Carry on’s to be harmless. People just need to realise that was then and this is now. Cutting the films to shreds isn’t the answer. A shame, but that’s modern life. I want 1 pound notes to come back though! ?

    • retromovie says:

      Agree with every point you’ve made Guy. The Carry Ons are nothing more than harmless saucy fun, and I find it impossible to believe that anyone could actually be offended by them. My argument concerning any form of censorship is if you don’t like what you see and hear change the channel or don’t watch. That’s what I do. If I see something I don’t like my first reaction is definitely not to spoil it for anyone else who may be enjoying it. Funny worls we live in aint it……

    • retromovie says:

      ……and yeah bring back one pound notes. Those pesky coins are too easily lost. At least with notes you can slip em in your wallet and that’s where they stay.

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