Review – Slade In Flame (1974)


Mark Kermode famously called Slade In Flame “The Citizen Kane Of British Pop Movies”. I can now see why having just watched it for the first time. It’s an absolute masterclass in how to make a brilliant rock movie.

Made in 1974, and set around The Midlands and London, it’s the story of a four piece rock band, plucked from the obscurity of playing local pubs and clubs, and catapulted to stardom, by a slimy management team led by Tom Conti in a very early role.

This is a completely different animal to the vast majority of music films that were around at the time. I’m thinking of the low budget classic Never Too Young To Rock, which is completely the other end of the scale. Audiences, upon the release of the movie were quite surprised by the gritty dialogue and the rough edge it had. I’d heard that when the project was being suggested, Slade requested the filmmakers join the band on a tour, to get an idea of what life on the road was really like, and this is what gave the film real heart.

It really is an excellent movie, made all the better by a blistering soundtrack from Slade, featuring some real full throated classics. Stand out tracks would have to be Far Far Away and How Does It Feel. Both tracks are, without a doubt, chart topping material. This is 100% another five star movie for me, and despite the differences and disagreements they had, which eventually led to the break up of the band, Slade have made a movie they can be very proud of. Anyone else out there seen this 70s classic ??? What did you think of it ??? . Drop something in the comments below. I’d love to hear your opinions…….

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