The Night Caller (1965) Review


I have a clear and vivid memory of the first time I saw this mid sixties sci fi chiller. It was screened as part of a season of late night movies called Appointment With Fear, which was screened by my local television network every Friday in the 1970s. I remember asking my mothers permission to stay up late, to watch one of them, and I guess this was the first one that came along, she deemed not too scary for an 8 year old. I think I got around 20 minutes in’ before sheepishly telling Mum’ i’d had enough and was going to bed. The same thing happened with Curse of the Fly a few weeks later.

By todays standards this was kids stuff, but way back then it was considered scary stuff. Basically it’s a classic 60s sci fi/horror film. It begins with a small meteorite crashing down to earth, after being tracked by a small band of scientists including the military. The meteorite turns out to be a small spacecraft, carrying a being from one of the small moons of Jupiter, who’s been sent down to earth to recruit women to mate with, in order to repopulate his home planet.

It’s a nicely told story that reminded me a little of the Quatermass movies in it’s style.

The cover art for the Walton Super 8mm release

It also has a real swinging sixties feel to to it, and that’s nicely set up by the title tune and song, which according to the opening titles was by an outfit named Image. I saw this recently, in a black and white edition, and also as a colourised version. I have to say it’s held up quite with the passing of the years. Yes it looks a little dated, as any movie nearly 60 years old would do, but it’s still very watchable and I found it an enjoyable way to pass 90 minutes, not to mention the memories of the first time I set eyes on it. Definetely worth a watch if you get the chance to catch up with it. Just out of curiosity has anyone else out there seen this movie and what did you think ??? Drop me some comments below…….





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