The Giant Spider Invasion (1975)


The Killer Spider Season Continues……

Where to start with this ??? I first bumped into this truly awful movie way back in 1975, when it did the cinema rounds on a double bill with the David Carradine film Carquake. I seem to remember really liking it back then, even loving it. Dear God ¬†we were easily amused in those days. Didn’t take much i’m afraid. I called the movie “truly awful”, and it truly is, but I have a real affection for it. The acting is atrocious and the special effects, such as they are, ain’t very special at all. The climactic scene involved one of the giant spiders, being driven around on the back of a Volkswagon car, so this huge arachnid kind of glides along, with the legs kind of flailing around all over the place. There are also various scenes of large 3ft spiders, presumably knitted and put together by the local sewing circle, leaping out of drawers. I kid you not. But for all it’s faults this film is a real hoot and an enjoyable way to pass an hour or so. Dish out the popcorn, leave your brain in a cupboard somewhere and enjoy……

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